Monday, March 4, 2013

Giveaway Winner & Bridesmaid Tips

Last week, we celebrated 100 likes on our Facebook page with a stylish giveaway. Since then, our likes have doubled and we've gained some more lovely readers. 
The winner of the $50 Kiki La'Rue gift card is Amanda Kiebler! Congratulations, Amanda!

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Kiki La'Rue giveaway

And now for today's post, I want to focus on something that doesn't get a lot of attention on the blog: the bridal party. No one wants to be the bothersome bridesmaid, so today I'm sharing with you tips on how to not only avoid that, but blow the bride away with your fabulous bridesmaid abilities!

Best Bridesmaid

Until you've experienced it once, the responsibilities you take on when you agree to be in a wedding may not be exactly followed. Being a bridesmaid isn't just about getting the bride drunk one night, gifting a few items from her registry and showing up in the dress she chose for you. And sometimes those extra responsibilities are either overlooked entirely or just unknown.

From beginning to end, this is what the timeline of a bridesmaid will look like:
  • Get fitted for and order your dress. (Hint: Try not to be this girl...)
  • Coordinate shower plans with the other bridesmaids and maid of honor
  • Purchase gifts (either off the registry or something you're SURE she wants) for the shower, engagement and wedding
  • Purchase shoes and accessories for wedding day, with the bride's approval
  • Assist bride with wedding errands, projects and decisions when she asks
  • Attend rehearsal and dinner
  • Arrive on wedding-morning on time (or early) and stand by the bride as she marries the man of her dreams!
And if you really want to be super-bridesmaid, and trust me, you'll want to stay on the brides' good side, because her emotions will be crazy (and you can't blame her)! Here's some tips:
  • Don't offer your opinion unless asked. Remember this is not your day!
  • Don't complain to the bride about anything wedding-related. If you're having an issue with something minor, figure it out on your own or talk to someone else who can help.
  • Keep the bride's wishes in mind. Keep her likes and dislikes in mind when making shower and bachelorette party plans.
  • Work as a team with the other members of the bridal party. Do not argue, try to take over or dismiss thoughts and opinions of the other girls. 
  • Offer often to help with wedding plans
  • Be thoughtful. Friendships and relationships can change a lot during an engagement. The little things you do for her during this time will be remembered always!
  • Be patient with her! She's got a lot on her mind and a to-do list that seemingly never ends. Keep that in mind when she's slow to return your call or text.
  • And on the flip-side of that, keep her in check! Don't let her entire life be taken over by the wedding and remind her the world is still moving outside of wedding plans. She will thank you for it later, if not immediately!
  • Be a friend, a support-system and a sister. Stand proudly next to her as she says "I do" and celebrate excitedly with her all night and send her off to a wonderful honeymoon with her new hubby!
Would you add any other items to the list? Comment below and tell me what you think are the best and worst traits or actions of a bridesmaid.

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