Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Attendant Gifts: 5 Keys to Awesome Groomsmen Gifts

Last week, per a reader's request, I started a series of attendant gifts, beginning with the bridesmaids. So today, we will continue with the equally important and confusing groomsmen gift-giving. If you missed the first post, you can check that out here and get all caught up.

The same basic rules apply, but the categories are, of course, different. Choose two or more options below and/ or combine them for awesome groomsmen gifts!

Groomsment Gift Ideas

  • Something Practical: Like my guidelines for bridesmaid gifts, groomsmen gifts should also be practical. Do not buy your wedding party something they will not use after the wedding day unless you also give them something they will! The options below can be used as color-coordinating, wedding-day attire and later, worn again at the office!
Groomsmen Clothing
Fossil 'Grant' Bracelet WatchArgyle Dress SocksYellow & Grey Stripe Necktie
  • Something Interest-Related: Generally, your groom and his friends will have similar interests so use that to your advantage! If they don't share similar interests, choose a gift that represents each guy's individual taste. Do they hunt or fish? Are they die-hard college football fans? 
Groomsmen Sports Gifts
Nike Cardinals ShirtPersonalized Man Cave SignRealtree Otterbox
  • Something, Drinkable: Okay, this one is a cinch! Men are easy to please, right? Get each of the guys a 6-pack of their favorite brew or even one that represents your wedding location! (If you're tying the knot in Mexico, give them some Corona or Dos Equis)
Groomsmen Beer Gifts
Beer of the Month ClubMR. BEER Premium Beer KitPandora's Bock-Breckenridge Brewery
  • Something they can do together: Especially if your groomsmen are traveling for your big day, sending them out for a night on you and your guy is a fabulous way to show your appreciation! You can tie this into the interest-related category by sending them out for a sports event or just send them out for dinner and drinks at a local hangout. Either way, they get to enjoy themselves and your groom gets a night off from wedding chatter! 
  • Ask your Groom: Last, but probably most important is to involve your guy! Ask him what he thinks they would like best, about the specific interests of each guy or even what he would want to receive as a groomsmen. If nothing else, he will definitely lead you in the right direction and get you started. 
What are you planning to give your groomsmen? Comment below and tell me about your own great ideas! And to ensure you don't miss any more posts, join the blog here! Stay tuned for next week's post on the little ones...


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