Monday, January 7, 2013

Choosing the Perfect Shower Dress

Even prior to the big day, brides have a handful of excuses to head to the mall! Of course you need a new dress for your engagement party, bridal shower, bachelorette party and rehearsal dinner! Because, let's be honest, a girl can really never have too many dresses, right?

Traditionally, brides are expected to wear white dresses to the rehearsal and bridal shower to stand out among the guests in attendance. And whether you choose to be traditional or not, it always seems that it's more difficult to find what you're shopping for when you're looking. 

For my own bridal shower, I really wanted to wear white. I looked for a solid month at every mall, department store and boutique and couldn't find anything! Finally, on a third trip to Nordstrom Rack, I settled on an ultra-flattering dress (the picture of me to your right), with a Pretty Woman look, or so I was told!  

Here's a full-length view. My bridesmaids minus my MOH.

It was only after the fact that I came across dozens (literally dozens) of adorable, affordable dresses that would've saved me weeks of searching! So, in an effort to save all my lovely brides-to-be and fashionista readers from the same, let me introduce you to the most fabulous shopping experience of your lives!

In my previous post, I mentioned Kiki La'Rue and Becka, the fabulous owner of this online gift to women boutique. If you clicked on that little link yesterday, then you saw exactly why I am such a fan of KLR. (and if you didn't, what are you waiting for?) 

In addition to their assortment of gorgeous tops, jewelry, dresses and more, Kiki La'Rue offers customer service that is unlike you'll find in almost any brick and mortar store out there! Typically, I am not a fan of online shopping because I like to try things on before I buy, but shopping with KLR and Becka is different. Any questions you may have about sizing, fabrics, measurements, Becka will personally answer for you! (Plus, finding a hot pink envelope in your mailbox with a personalized note with every order is seriously the cutest thing ever!!) And as a busy bride-to-be, shopping online only makes sense. Knowing that you're ordering a quality, affordable piece is a bonus!

Without further ado, here are some charming options for your pre-wedding festivities!

Clock Strikes 12 Dress
Mia Dress
Amber Striped Piko Dress

Perfectly Tied Shift Dress

I know some of them are sold out, but don't worry because they are constantly adding re-stocks of popular items! Hopefully, I've converted at least some of you into KLR addicts, like myself. I already know my brides are stylish, but sporting your new KLR dress to your bridal shower (or an adorable Piko top for a lunch with your girls) will ensure your guests will know the same! So head on over to Kiki La'Rue and make yourself at're welcome! : )

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Happy Planning (& Shopping)!!

Meaghan xoxo

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