Monday, December 31, 2012

Easy Money-Saving Tips for your Wedding

Unless you are one of the privileged few who have access to an unlimited budget for your wedding, then you likely have or will experience moments in which you will stress about the cost of your event and all of its components.

I am sure you've heard the typical suggestions to save your money like hosting a cash bar, weekday wedding or using an iPod in place of a DJ. My goal as a wedding coordinator is to make my clients' dreams a reality while keeping them on budget. It's not always easy, but by way of trial and error as well as experience, (both mine and others) I can meet that goal. So without giving away all of my secrets, I've complied a list of money-saving tips.

  • Consider Alternate Dates/ Times: Reception venues aren't making money when they aren't hosting events. So they often offer (sometimes deep) discounts for weddings in the morning, afternoon or off-season. If you aren't made aware of this information by the staff or their website, don't be afraid to ask for a reduced rate! 
    • Often, brides are automatically against anything but the "typical" Saturday evening wedding, but before you join this group, think about the options (and additional savings!!). Although Friday evening weddings seem to be gaining popularity, Saturday and Sunday afternoon/morning weddings shouldn't be overlooked. A brunch, breakfast or lunch meal is something unique to wedding guests. Instead of a candy bar, guests will be treated to a coffee or hot chocolate bar! And remember the same rule about discounts often remains the same for limo/ transportation companies, caterers and other vendors.
  • Utilize money-saving tools available online: In addition to sites like eBay, visit webpages dedicated to saving brides' money! Recycled Bride is an "online marketplace" where brides can buy and sell wedding-related items. Whether you are in search of a "good deal" on that designer dress you have your eye on or some decorative additions, "click" before you buy! 
  • Know your Bar Options: Although the most obvious way to reduce the cost of alcohol is to simply choose a cash bar, there are other ways to spend less. 
    • Offer a full open-bar for a pre-determined period of time (i.e. during cocktail hour or dinner, one hour after dinner, etc.)
    • Only serve beer & wine
    • Take advantage of the Signature Drink trend! Bonus: you can DIY (or order) an adorable, custom sign to display the beverage of the evening!
    • Source: via Emilee on Pinterest

Second Bonus? Breathtaking photos!

For more money-saving tips specific to YOUR wedding, email me and we can discuss additional ways I can save you from blowing your budget, as well as the circumstances in which you shouldn't scrimp!

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Happy New Year & see y'all in 2013!

Happy Planning!

Meaghan xoxo

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