Saturday, December 29, 2012

Some Pinterest Love

If you have a Pinterest account, then you already know of the fabulous ideas awaiting you every day on this most fabulous website! I have been obsessed since day one and can't help myself from logging on daily. You can check out my boards (and follow me) here. And if you don't have one, what are you waiting for???

Pinterest allowed me to find some truly unique ideas that set my wedding apart from all the others. It is a creative (and FREE) tool that every bride should use in her wedding planning! So today, I'm going to highlight some of my favorite pins.

Okay, so this is adorable! So many people are on Instagram or Twitter these days, so why not encourage guests to share all of their wedding photos? This way, you have some to tide you over until the professional ones come in! And the hashtag? #toocute :)
I've noticed lately, that a lot of couples are steering away from the traditional paper guest book option and searching for ideas that are more meaningful to them. This one is lovely! And this is something you can display in your home and look at all the time! I'm kind of a sucker for monograms too, so I'm partial ;)

                                                                  Source: via Meaghan Shelton on Pinterest

The hubs and I also chose a non-traditional option for our guest book. We LOVE it! It's hanging up in the living room so I love that it doubles as a wall-hanging. We ordered a Fingerprint Guestbook Tree from YourKeepsakeCo on Etsy and I definitely recommend their shop. They did a fabulous job, were easy to work with and we were so pleased with the finished product!

If you are in search of unique poses to add to your phtog's list, pinterest will certainly not disappoint! I saved over 100 images, later narrowed them down and handed them over! (Not that we got more than 3 of them, but that's another story you can read more about here. I digress...)

I loved this pose of all your favorite girls on a bed. There's something so young, carefree and just plain cute about this picture. Here is the inspiration:

And the recreation featuring the most beautiful, helpful and thoughtful bridesmaids EVER:

Well that's all for today, ladies! But I think I will make this Pinterest favorites a regular thing, so stay tuned for more! Enjoy your weekend!

Happy Planning!

Meaghan xoxo

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