Monday, February 11, 2013

Morning of the Wedding Do's & Don'ts

In the midst of all the wedding craziness, plans for the morning of the celebration may seem trivial, but don't overlook this crucial time. Second only to the actual wedding, this will be one of the shortest handful of hours to date. But it will be such a special part of your day that you will want to remember: your last few hours as a single woman!

Wedding Morning Tips

Don't Stay up all Night: As difficult as it may be to get a good night's sleep before the big day with all the excitement brewing inside you, make it happen! Take some natural sleep-aids, take a warm bath, drink some tea and head to bed early!

Do Wake Up Alone: Spend the first few minutes of the morning all by yourself, soaking in the feeling of knowing it's finally your wedding day. You will be surrounded the rest of the day, so enjoy a few minutes of "me-time" before it all begins!

Do Wear Something Special: Go ahead and buy one of those "bride" or "Mrs..." dresses, robes or shirts to get ready in. Not only does it keep your hair and makeup in tact, but it looks adorable in photos and makes for a wonderful keepsake!
                                                                                                           Source: via Kat on Pinterest

Do Bring Beauty to You: If at all possible, have the beauty experts come to you! Whether it's at your home or a hotel room, being able to stay in one place will keep nerves at bay and allow you to enjoy more. Spend a few minutes the night before gathering fees and tips (if necessary) in envelopes and have them ready for the morning.

Source: via Amber on Pinterest

Don't do Wedding Projects: As tempting as it may be to save money and arrange your own flowers the morning of your wedding, don't do it! The morning of your wedding is a time for relaxation and pampering. If you must do anything for the wedding, assign the task to the bridal party, family or your wedding coordinator.

Don't Forget the Food & Drinks: Make arrangements for food to be delivered or pick it up the night before after the rehearsal dinner. You won't want to spend the morning cooking, so order room service or call a nearby bakery. And if there ever was a morning where mimosas were mandatory, this is it! Better yet, try this new take on a morning bevarage: champagne and tangerine sorbet. Yum!

                                                                                                              Source: via Ramay on Pinterest

Do Invite your Photographer: Having someone there to capture the hair-fixing and makeup applying along with the laughs and love will be more imporant than you think!

Do Create a Playlist: Think ahead and create a wedding-morning playlist of upbeat songs to keep the energy up and make you feel good, like this one below.

Photo Credit: Social Life
With these tips, you will be able to make the most of this short time, making wonderful memories with your favorite ladies!
What do you plan to do (or not do) on the morning of your wedding? Comment below and tell me what you think also belongs on this list.



  1. DO have some special time with your mom :) My mom and I got our hair done just the 2 of us the morning of and drove to the wedding site together. It was great to spend my last hours as a single girl with my mommy!
    -Emily J.

    1. I love that, Emily!! I think that's a great way to spend your wedding morning!