Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Wedding Budget: Cuts to Avoid

No matter what your wedding budget is, it's likely that you will be looking for ways to cut costs where possible. And why not? There are so many small things you can do or change that will make a huge difference in the overall amount of money you will spend.  But there are endless amounts of articles about how to pinch your wedding pennies. However, there aren't a lot of articles explaining the things you should avoid cutting back on.

Wedding Budget Mistakes

  • Don't host a cash bar: Just don't do it. Alcohol can amount to a a large percentage of the costs for your reception, but you can host an open bar on the cheap. It's so common nowadays to go to a wedding serving only beer, wine, soda and signature drinks or a combination of the four. If your reception location allows you to bring your own alcohol, buy some kegs and plenty of wine and you will save big! If you're looking to save even more, think about hosting a morning bruch and serving only mimosas or even going sans alcohol.
Wedding Bar Sign
Photo Credit: Wedding Bee
  • Don't skip table decor: Centerpieces are the focal point of each table and an essential element of your reception decor. A room full of bare tables says restaurant, not wedding reception. Flowers are not the only option for centerpieces either. Think outside the box, but within your theme and use items that are unique to you.
Wedding Reception Table
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  • Don't cut videography: This is often one of the first things to go when cutting costs, but it shouldn't be! Read what wedding pros, MPA Productions have to say about this essential service here.
  • Don't serve food just because it's cheap: A deciding factor is your guests' enjoyment is how much they did or didn't enjoy their meal. Taste tests, whenever possible, are extremely helpful in making sure your guests will leave feeling satisfied and not heading for the nearest McDonald's. If the delicious catering service you prefer is out of your price range, think about serving an hors d'oeurves buffet in place of dinner or a brunch reception instead of heavy evening meal.
  • Don't ditch the favors: Your guests may have plans to cancel, work to skip and traveling to do in order to attend your event. And aside from that, the people who attend your wedding have contributed a lot to get you and your groom to this point in your lives. For both of these reasons, they deserve a small thank you
Wedding Jam Favor
Photo Credit: Steven Myers Photography and Once Wed
There are so many ways you should save money on your wedding costs. And if you need further assistance, email me and I would love to help you!

What do you all think about these no-no's? Are there any others you think should be added to the list?


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